Hand Stitched Middleman Wallet

The Middleman wallet is a classic 5-pocket wallet. This wallet has two horizontal card pockets on the front and back, and one large pocket in the center. All 5 pockets can hold up to 11 cards, as well as folded cash.

The leather used on this wallet comes from Wickett & Craig, a 150+ year old Tannery based in the United States. The wallets are all cut and hand stitched with .8mm Ritza Tiger thread. Hand stitching, also called saddle stitching, is a lengthy process, but it makes the wallets more durable.

The Middleman comes several colors, brown, olive, and navy, and each features a small TGR eagle stamped in the bottom right corner. The wallet is proudly stamped "Made in the USA" on the back. 

 Wallet Dimensions: 3” H x 4. 25" W x 0.25” D.

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