James Madison Signed Collage

Presented is a custom collage featuring an original signature from James Madison. This collage includes the signed document on vellum, which grants 100 acres of land to John Pain, dated November 28, 1814. James Madison's signature is penned in ink at the bottom of the document. The signature is accompanied by a steel engraving portrait of Madison, above.

James Madison (1751-1836) was a prominent American statesman, lawyer, diplomat, and Founding Father to the United States. Between the years 1809 and 1817, he served as the fourth president of the United States. He is famously known as the "Father of the Constitution" for his crucial role in drafting the United States Constitution, as well as the United States Bill of Rights. In addition, Madison greatly contributed to The Federalist Papers, co-writing with Alexander Hamilton and John Jay.

Signatures from Madison are highly sought after, for his political position and reputation as a very prominent writer. However, Madison autographs are primarily difficult to find, as he penned fewer letters than his contemporaries such as Thomas Jefferson, and many of his written letters were quite short and to the point.


Both the document and steel engraving are in very good condition. Signature is bold and legible, with no significant wear. The document was cut by a previous owner, but the signature was not affected by cut. The engraved portrait and document with signature are artfully framed according to conservation standards.

Framed Dimensions: 36 1/2" H x 22" W x 1 1/2" D

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