"Fighting Tigers" by Robert Taylor, Autographed by John Alison, Tex Hill, Don Lopez, Charles Older, Ed Rector, Wiltz Segura

Released in 1996, this dramatic scene by Robert Taylor is signed in the bottom margin by six WWII pilots: John Alison, Tex Hill, Don Lopez, Charles Older, Ed Rector, and Wiltz Segura. The signed offset lithograph is a limited edition and numbered 403 of only 850 total prints. The title, Fighting Tigers, plays off of the fighter group’s popular nickname, the Flying Tigers. In the margin is a brief description of the scene that reads:

“P-40 Warhawks of the 75th and 16th Fighter Squadrons, 23rd Fighter Group, in a heated dog-fight with Japanese Nakajima fighters over the Hsiang Chiang river, following an attack on Japanese forces north of Changsha; August 5th 1944.”

The Flying Tigers group is one of the most effective aviation units of all time. Otherwise known as the First American Volunteer Group, aiding China in its conflict against invading Japan, the Flying Tigers were given the nickname largely due to the large-toothed smile on the nose of their planes. The group was not only secretly created by an order of President Roosevelt, but was also responsible for destroying almost 300 enemy airplanes and was highly active in the Pacific theater after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Today, those pilots and the shark-toothed planes are some of the most celebrated military symbols of the Second World War.

Robert Taylor is the most widely collected aviation artist. Taylor spent much of his life in Bath, England working as a fine art restorer. He was regarded as one of the most talented restorers in the West of England and worked often on many “old masters.” Taylor was 32 before he became a full time painter for The Military Gallery. The impact of his early restoration career and the old master painters can easily be seen in his popular, dramatic, and inspiring aviation works. In his aviation paintings, the artist conveys the technical details of the machines while still portraying a romantic scene. The planes retain realistic detail with scuffed paint, scratches, and dirt while still glorifying their deeds. Wonderfully pairing studies of the paintings with the signatures of the pilots at the event, Taylor provides an in-depth study of how his paintings were created and the process of combining art, history, and authentic details.


Overall very good condition. This signed limited edition lithograph is free of any tears, stains, or loss and the print’s colors are still vibrant. The signatures in the bottom margin are dark and clear. The work is framed according to the highest archival standards.

Framed Dimensions: 26" H x 34 1/2" W x 1 1/2" D

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