Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker Autographed Collage

Captain Eddie Rickenbacker was the most celebrated U.S. air ace of WWI. In a time when aerial battles were novel, Rickenbacker became the nation’s first fighter squadron commander. He accumulated twenty-six victories and led the 94th Aero Pursuit “Hat-in-the-Ring” Squadron as the first all-American fighter squadron to engage in combat. The legendary insignia, depicted both on the collage’s patch and painted on Rickenbacker’s airplane, represents Uncle Sam throwing his hat into the ring of battle. Rickenbacker’s post-war years included endeavors in the automobile and commercial airline industries, but he will always be best remembered for his remarkable fighter pilot career.

The letter to A. Cole is a testament to Captain Rickenbacker’s personality. He remarks on Cole’s failed attempt to acquire his signature, then provided him a new signed letter as well as a second letter on his own personal stationary. The letter included in this collage dates to August 25, 1939 when Rickenbacker would have been 48 years old.


Overall very good condition. The letter written and signed by Eddie Rickenbacker is on clean, bright paper with a clear, dark signature. The letter has one horizontal crease where it would have been folded and sent. Otherwise, no notable damage to the letter. The patch is in excellent condition, and the two reproduction photographs are without damage. Together, all elements are framed according to the highest archival standards. 

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