1903 Theodore Roosevelt Signed Presidential Appointment

This is an authentic Presidential Appointment, signed by Theodore Roosevelt as President on August 26, 1903. The document is a partially-printed official document appointing Herbert J. Slocum as Major of Calvary. The appointment is countersigned by the Acting Secretary of War.
The document is printed in formal script, and completed by hand in black ink, now faded to a lighter black color.
The document reads in part:
To all who shall see these Presents, Greeting:
Know Ye, That reposing special trust and confidence in the Patriotism, Valor, Fidelity and Abilities of Herbert J. Slocum, I do appoint him Major of Calvary in the service of the United States: to rank as such from the twenty-sixth day of August nineteen hundred and three. He is therefore carefully and diligently to discharge the duty of Major by doing and performing all manner of things thereunto belonging.
And I do strictly charge and require all Officers and Soldiers under his command to be obedient to his orders as Major. And he is to observe and follow such orders and directions from time to time, as he shall receive from me, or the future President of the United States of America, or the General or other superior Officers set over him, according to the rules and disciplines of War. This Commission to continue in force during the pleasure of the President of the United States, for the time being, and until the end of the next session of the Senate.
Given under my hand at the City of Washington, this twenty-sixth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and three, and in the one hundred and twenty-eighth year of the Independence of the United States.
By the President, Theodore Roosevelt.”


Prominently engraved at top is the Great Seal of the United States. A spreadwing eagle holds up a stars and stripes shield on its chest. The eagle’s right talon clutches an olive branch. The eagle's left (sinister) talon holds a bundle of crossed arrows. When Charles Thomson put together the final design for the Great Seal, the official description describes the bald eagle holding "in his sinister, a bundle of thirteen arrows." The thirteen arrows are tightly aligned – a symbol of "strength in unity" that can be found in traditional cultures everywhere, from the Romans to the Iroquois. In this case, the bundle is a nod to the unity of the original thirteen colonies. In the eagle’s beak is waving ribbon which reads “E Pluribus Unum”, Latin for “Out of many, one.” A blue War office seal is affixed at bottom left. 

In the top left corner is an inscribed and stamped record of the Adjutant General’s Office. The record reads, “AUG 26, 1903.” The Acting Adjutant General endorsed the record in black ink.

To the left of the Appointment is a  Theodore Roosevelt seated portrait. The black and white portrait is a print of a photograph taken on January 1, 1900.


The signed appointment is in good condition, consistent with age and gentle use. Engraved document on parchment, completed by hand. Some staining at right edge, writing a bit faded. The Appointment measures 16” H x 21" W.

Roosevelt’s signature is strong, legible, and in black ink. The original blue War Office seal still remains intact and affixed to the document at bottom left.

The Presidential appointment and photograph have been artfully housed in a custom beaded black and gold frame, with linen top mats and windows to display each item. They have been framed to highest conservation standards, with acid-free mats and backing and UV conservation clear glass. Framed dimensions: 28"H x 47" W x 3"D.

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