The Story & Retail Partnership with CityCenterDC

October 26, 2014

The Great Republic is proud to announce the opening of its newest shop at CityCenterDC, scheduled for Spring 2015.  Located in the heart of downtown Washington, D.C., the shop will be a further extension of what has become – one of the greatest shopping experiences in the U.S. “Exploring a Great Republic shop offers the guest an opportunity to step back into time and potentially own something neither they, nor anyone else, would easily have found elsewhere in the World”, this according to the founder and owner, Mr. Eddie Papczun.  Leveraging nearly 30 years of experience in understanding and sourcing the World’s finest antiques and "off the chart" one-off items, Mr. Papczun is absolutely confident in his ability to deliver... Continue Reading →

Why I Read

October 26, 2014

In sixth grade I was tapped by teachers to receive an award for excellence in studentship. As reward, I was trucked down to the local newspaper and told to bring along a prop of one of my favorite activities. I brought books. Books and books and books – a stack that rose higher than my pre-pubescent, chubby face when I held them in front of me. And that’s just how my image appeared in the paper. When asked why I liked to read, I replied, “reading takes me to a different place, away from where I actually am.” Needless to say, the article did not improve my social status at school.  Today I still read, transporting myself from a cluttered... Continue Reading →