The Origins of Uncle Sam

October 25, 2015

Just who is this cat named Uncle Sam, anyway? For nearly two centuries he's been an American pop culture icon,  peering down at us on posters along with the caption "I Want You." But where did the character come from? Would you believe a meat packing plant? Sam's origins can be traced back to a meat factory in Troy, NY around 1812 (which was even before I started my company.) The factory manager's name was Sam Wilson. An army contractor named Elbert Anderson would purchase the meat in large oak barrels that were stamped "E.A.-US." One day while buying his meat, he asked someone in the factory what the US stood for and the worker replied "Uncle Sam", referring to... Continue Reading →

1946 Indian Chief Motorcycle Rolls Into The Great Republic at CityCenterDC

September 02, 2015

                                                                                The Great Republic is proud to announce the arrival of a fully restored 1946 Indian Chief Motorcycle, complete with a Suicide Shift. This meticulously fully restored piece of American Iron embodies the highest level of skill and passion, and was brought back to better than perfect condition with the purpose of being driven and enjoyed.   The team in charge of such a special restoration is highly regarded for its work and prides itself on achieving the highest standard of accuracy, originality,... Continue Reading →


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