1946 Indian Chief Motorcycle Rolls Into The Great Republic at CityCenterDC

September 02, 2015

                                                                                The Great Republic is proud to announce the arrival of a fully restored 1946 Indian Chief Motorcycle, complete with a Suicide Shift. This meticulously fully restored piece of American Iron embodies the highest level of skill and passion, and was brought back to better than perfect condition with the purpose of being driven and enjoyed.   The team in charge of such a special restoration is highly regarded for its work and prides itself on achieving the highest standard of accuracy, originality,... Continue Reading →

American Atlas Publishers in the 19th Century

July 14, 2015

It is no coincidence that as the United States underwent significant and constant change throughout the 19th century, its commercial cartography evolved as well.  As the nation pushed westward, new geographical data poured in, networks of roads, railroads, and canals developed, and new configurations of territories and states appeared.  The prospering American population -- which more than tripled from 1810 to 1850 -- understandably had a burning interest in monitoring the growth and progress of their nation, and map and atlas publishers eagerly stepped up to meet the demand, revising and updating their works to reflect even the minutest changes to the country.  These publishing companies were able to meet the increased demand thanks to innovations that allowed for faster,... Continue Reading →